Houdini Nebulas Volume Two




If you love science fiction and creating breathtaking visuals you're going to love this tutorial! In "Houdini Nebulas Volume Two" we are back again delivering almost four hours of high quality easily digestible Houdini training. You'll be creating awe inspiring visuals from day one with our intuitive process. We have developed a deceptively simple system to create incredibly complex levels of detail using particles and volumes in conjunction with some clever VOP manipulation. We will walk you through the process step by step from simulation, to shading and lighting. Then we will walk you through how to tweak your final comp in Nuke. The sky is literally the limit to what you'll be able to create with this tutorial. So head on over to MAXDEPTH.tv/shop to pick up your copy of Houdini Nebulas Volume Two today!!!!

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The trailer for "Houdini Nebulas Volume Two" can be viewed here at https://vimeo.com/414721193

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