Houdini Beams and Blasts



Hello, and welcome to the latest tutorial from MAXDEPTH.tv, "Houdini Beams and Blasts" by Simon Littlejohn.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use flip fluids and pyro simulations to create an epic magic beam battle in Houdini. You will also learn some handy vex scripting to help automate and enhance your simulations. In addition to all this Simon will introduce you to particle rasterization before best practices for final renders.

So if you're interested in waging some epic magic battles in your work, please head on over to maxdepth.tv and pick up your copy of "Houdini Beams and Blasts" today!

We also have many additional Houdini titles on topics such as particle simulation, fluids, and particle advection. We also have tutorials on VEX and python scripting.


You can view the trailer at https://vimeo.com/393199898

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