Drones & Photogrammetry: Reality Capture Volume One

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Chapter 1) Intro and disclaimer

Chapter 2) Inflight drone image capture walk through

Chapter 3) Image prep in Adobe Lightroom

Chapter 4) Reality Capture & control point workflow

Chapter 5) Mesh reconstruction & cleanup

Chapter 6) Generating UV's & textures

Chapter 7) Zbrush retopology with Zremesher

Chapter 8) Zbrush retopology with Dynamesh

Chapter 9) Zbrush Uvmaster using Polygroups

Chapter 10) Finalizing UV's with Headus and Maya

Chapter 11) Generating displacement maps in Zbrush

Chapter 12) Final remodeling and touchups in Maya

Chapter 13) Final texture touchups in Mari

Chapter 14) Final render in Arnold for Maya


Hello, this is Timothy Hanson from Maxdepth.tv, and today we are going to be focusing on using drones as a tool to create some fantastic 3d assets. In this training series, we will focus on using the DJI Mavic 2 pro as well as traditional DSLRs to capture a data set for use in photogrammetry software Reality Capture.

From there I will show you how to implement what I like to call "The control point method" to align your data set into a beautiful point cloud as well as some tips and tricks to help optimize your scenes. From there we will head on over into Zbrush for some retopology techniques using Zremesher and Dynamesh, as well as a system for harnessing the power of polygroups to organize our UV's.

Next we will jump into Maya for a demonstration on remodeling some problem areas of our mesh. The next step is to work on some final UV tweaking and layout before taking our textures into Mari for some finishing touches.

Closing things out we'll have a walk through in Maya taking everything we've created and using it to build a photorealistic shader network in Arnold that looks so realistic you'd have never guessed it started with a drone. Head on over to maxdepth.tv to pick up your copy of "Drones & Photogrammetry" today. Thanks!  

You can view the trailer at https://vimeo.com/379730542

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